Welcome to Crothers!

Formally tied to the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, Crothers provides opportunities for close interaction with faculty, experts, and distinguished visitors in a residential setting, with courses and programming all aimed at helping undergraduate students to reflect upon, and engage with, key challenges of globalization and interdependence.

Global citizenship refers to a moral and ethical disposition: the quality of an individual’s response to living in a socially, economically, culturally, and politically interconnected world. We are looking for students who want an intensive, residential educational experience to help them grapple with what it means to be part of a globalized world. We hope to attract students from multiple majors across the sciences, humanities, social sciences, and engineering who are interested in international issues and would like the opportunity to investigate the ethical, policy, and practical implications of globalization.

The theme dorm provides opportunities for faculty-student interaction through Crothers Fellows, faculty who are affiliated with Crothers; residentially based courses taught in Crothers; formal ties to the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies programming and events; ties to other Stanford programs, centers and institutions; and student-led programming.